Go Viral – Mini Course

Go viral and double your growth with Instagram Reels

Struggling to grow on Instagram?! You’ve been wanting to try Reels to give your growth a boost but are unsure how to use it and what to post to go viral and double your growth?

Since the creation of Instagram Reels, we have not just doubled our growth but 10x it! We used to gain on average 200 followers a week, now it’s up to 4300 new followers per week!

Now sharing our secret formula!

We created a Reels Mini-Course where we’re sharing our secret formula to create videos that are engaging & attention-grabbing, so you can double your growth on Instagram!

This is the strategy we used to:

– Gain 50k followers on Tiktok in 6 months
– Gain up to 4.3K followers per week on Instagram (compared to 200 before Reels)

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Your videos could still be seen weeks after posting them!

The cool thing about Reels? They have a lifespan of WEEKS, unlike your classic posts that have a lifespan of 48 hours at the most.

Which means that WEEKS after posting your videos, you could still get views and grow your following. Which means… less time spent on Instagram! How cool is that?!

And.. like Tiktok, Reels pushes smaller accounts, so you don’t need a big account to start going viral!


– 7 video lessons (based on comprehensive Keynote presentations with concrete examples) to know how to go viral and double your growth with Reels using our secret formula

– 3 video tutorials to create your Reels (the technical part) such as adding text & images within Reels, using the app Inshot or using Adobe Premiere Pro

– Bonus Canva templates x2 for your Reels

– Bonus lesson on how to repurpose your content on Tiktok and Pinterest to get more reach & traction to your account

– Bonus E-book with 40 content ideas for Reels

BUY NOW | £57.00

Don’t miss the opportunity to grow your audience much faster!

You’ve missed the Tiktok wagon and now it just seems too late? Don’t do the same with Reels!

You wished for a better algorithm, Instagram gave it to you with Reels!

NOW is the time to create on Reels, while it’s still easy to go viral and grow your audience quickly and before too many people use it and it gets crowded.

BUY NOW | £57.00

It didn’t just work for us, it also worked for the 1500+ Go Viral – Mini Course students

Getting more views

Getting more overall engagement

Gaining (loads of) new followers

Even on Tiktok, so you can get more traction on your Instagram account!

BUY NOW | £57.00