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Hi there!

We’re Laura Haleydt and Ginny Fears, two friends who decided to build a business before even seeing each other in real life (yup, that’s a true story). 

We both built a thriving online coaching business in 2020 making over $10K per month within just a few months all that through Instagram alone – before deciding to combine our forces and create Elle Synergy.

And in just under 3 months, Elle Synergy generated over $450K in sales!

We’re not here to sell you the 6 figures dream – it was hard work to get there. But we’re here to show that with the right strategy you how you can build & scale your service business with the power of Instagram!


But who are we to teach you about Instagram, Marketing & Business?!

Elle Synergy is not one, but two brains. And a team behind it. But let us show you something…


Built her Instagram from scratch (yup 0 followers in March 2020) to now having an audience of over 40k followers

Built a coaching business after 2 months of sharing on Instagram

Made her first $5k month shortly after that

Made her first $10k month after 5 months in business 


Revived a dead travel & lifestyle account with about 10K followers

Grew 30K followers in 8 months

Built an entire coaching business in a few weeks

Made her first $5k month after 2 months

Made her first $10K month after 5 months in business

We’re not here to teach you fluff

Our strategy has helped us build not 1 but 3 businesses from scratch through the power of Instagram alone! As well as hundreds of others from around the world through our online programmes.

You CAN grow an audience on Instagram and convert them into clients in 2021. We’re the living prove of it and so are our students!

It’s not luck, it’s STRATEGY.

Strategy based on high-level Marketing strategies we have learnt through our 15 years experience in Marketing & Business.

We like to say that we ‘cracked the code’ of Instagram growth & monetisation.

Are you ready for this?!

Go Viral

Go viral and double your growth with Instagram Reels

In this Reels 101 mini-course, we share our secret formula that helped us go viral and gain up to 11K followers per month!

Already helped thousands of entrepreneurs go viral & double their growth with Reels!

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Canva Templates Vault

50 Canva Templates for your Instagram posts

Do you have GREAT content but are unsure how to put it in a visual and compelling way? 

Let us do it for you with our 50 attention-grabbing Canva Templates!

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Our clients & students are entrepreneurs from around the world!

We help service businesses, coaches & course creators whether they are full time entrepreneurs, side hustlers or just have a business idea